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His Plan

Anis has dedicated his life to public service. His community engagement and service spans a broad range of initiatives, including education, financial literacy and economic development.

As a Florida State Senator Anis will work to:

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and bring paid family leave to Florida’s working families
  • Ban assault weapons, enforce universal background checks for gun purchases, keep people on terrorist watch-lists from buying guns, close the internet loophole, close the gun-show loophole, and enact smart-safety regulations on all new guns sold in Florida
  • Reduce the financial strain on college students with outstanding student loans, and make State Universities better and more affordable
  • Reform blight alleviation projects to better serve the communities that need help the most
  • Fund and support youth mentorship and after school programs
  • Expand Juvenile Delinquent re-entry programs for those affected
  • Close the Medicaid Gap, and bring added support for senior citizen centers
  • Drastically improve the services provided for our veterans, with a particular emphasis on keeping veterans off the streets and providing them with excellent mental health care wherever needed
  • Prepare and enact a comprehensive plan to tackle Climate Change for Florida as a whole, and particularly for District 38’s vulnerable coast-line
  • Eliminate privately operated prisons and reform Florida’s penal code